Skin tags are extremely common and all of us will develop at some point in our lives at least one skin tag. They usually appear on your neck, chest, eyelids or in women’ s case, under their breasts. In case you are wondering if they are dangerous, the answer is no, they are not. For your information, here is what causes skin tags and how you can remove them.

Skin tags causes

Skin tags might appear to pregnant women because of their hormonal changes. This usually happens in the second trimester of pregnancy. There’s no need to worry because they are not dangerous. People who suffer from diabetes can also develop at some point skin tags. On the other hand, specialists say that you can actually develop skin tags without any reason as well.

Ways to remove your skin tags

Nail polish

This might sound surprising, but you can actually remove your skin tags by using nail polish. What you need to do is to apply nail polish on your skin tags three times a day, wait until the nail polish is completely dry and remove it. You need to repeat the process for several days in order to completely get rid of the skin tags.

Tea tree oil

Put a few drops of tea tree oil on a cotton ball and then apply it on the skin tags. Do this two or three times a day, for a week, and you will see how your skin tags start to vanish. This removing skin tags method is extremely simple and effective.

Vitamin E

Applying vitamin E on your skin tags will certainly remove them quicker than you would expect. Buy some vitamin E capsules, and using a cotton ball apply it on the skin tags. Repeat the procedure twice a day for several days. You will see how your skin tags will fade away.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has many beneficial properties, and one of them is that you can remove the skin tags using the juice that Aloe Vera produces. Simply apply it on the affected area, three times a day, for a week and you will certainly be happy with the result.

Skin tags removal cream

You will find on the market a special cream for removing your skin tags. The only thing you need to do is to apply the cream on your skin tags, for several days, in order to get rid of these unpleasant cosmetic irritations.