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How to Prevent Accidents at Home

The sad truth is that an accident will most likely happen when you are in the commodity of your own house. About a third of all injuries occur at home and their most common victims are the children and the elderly. A statistic that was made estimates that every year around 11000 people die in their homes unintentionally because of fires, falls, poisonings or drownings. It’s a scary thought that you’re not safe in your own home. These accidents and injuries can be prevented if you make some changes around the house. Next, we will approach the most common types of accidents that occur in a home and talk about what you can do to prevent them from happening.

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3 Ways in Which a Stair Lift Can Protect the Health of a Senior

If you are looking over a senior, you certainly want to find ways to keep them safe and to turn their home into a comfortable and secure place. Stair-lifts are devices that can safely transport seniors with motion problems up and down the stairs. This type of device consists of a chair or a platform that can hold people either standing on sitting in mobility aids, so anybody can benefit from using this helpful machine. Besides the obvious advantages of reducing pain and offering comfort, the stair lift can also protect the health of the seniors who are using it and here are 3 ways in which a stair lift can do so.

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