You may think that the water you drink is safe for you, but you should know that there are plenty of dangers traveling through the water you use for cooking, drinking and bathing. If you still have doubts, read the following article and discover the most shocking health risks linked to contaminated tap water and which is the most effective way to avoid these risks.

The chlorine can affect the heart

The tap water is knowingly treated with chlorine by the water company, a measure designated to kill some of the bacteria and germs that exist in the tap water. Chlorine is not used because it is safe for our health, but because it is the cheapest disinfectant. Not treating the water with chlorine would leave the water extremely infected, which still doesn’t justify the fact that they are using a substance that is dangerous to the health. Although it is a lasting process, the chlorine can seriously affect the health in other ways than disturbing our nose. Long time exposure to chlorine can cause serious heart diseases and even cancer.

Lead can cause severe brain damage

The lead in the tap water is one of the most harmful contaminants with severe repercussions on the health especially in babies and elders. The lead gets into the water through the pipes that deliver it to our homes, because most of them are made of lead that is extremely poisoning, although this material has been banned. Prolonged exposure to the lead in the tap water can cause severe brain damage, cognitive dysfunctions, nausea, the inability to concentrate, and even death in the most severe cases.

Stay at safe with the whole house water filter

The most efficient way of preventing all these health problems caused by contaminated tap water is to install the best whole house water filter. This device connects to the main water pipe of your home, meaning it will filter all the water you use, not only the one you drink but the one you cook with or bathe in. The whole house water filter is a reliable help in removing most of the contaminants existing in the tap water.

The best whole house water filter systems contain various filters that retain even the smallest particles and can even handle the unpleasant chlorine odor of the tap water. Your health condition will be significantly improved once you install the whole house water filter at home. Since we can assume that most of you don’t know much about these devices, we recommend doing some research on the website before buying a whole house filter. Read several reviews and compare different models in order to choose the most convenient one.