Besides the obvious physical reasons that can cause erectile dysfunction you should be aware of the psychological implications of this affection. Even though ED is treatable with the help of medications which promise a lot, like Malegra or anything similar, anyone who is suffering from this affection will surely want to know what caused it in the first place. Many people tend to ignore the psychological triggers of this affection believing that the only thing that can cause it has physical implications.

Yet, this is not true and informing about it might save you from a lot of doctor appointments and too much worrying. It is much better to consult a therapist who will be able to take care of your psychological limitations rather than stressing over complicated procedures to get rid of ED. Medication can help too, if you use it according to what you were advised by specialists. Here are some triggers you may not even know about:

Performance anxiety

This is one of the main psychological causes of erectile dysfunction. It is extremely common so you won’t have to worry about it. Especially when it comes to the first contact with a new sexual partner, some people experience performance anxiety. This is a problem that occurs suddenly in men who are facing an erectile failure during a sexual act. This failure marks the sexual experience in a negative way and once time passes and this happens more than once it will become a recurrent issue, ending up with the apparition of ED.

The ability to acquire and maintain a satisfactory erection for the entire sexual act will become impossible. This kind of erectile dysfunction is not permanent and it is not related to an organic cause, meaning that it is fully reversible even in the absence of treatment (but it would be recommended to see a specialist before deciding that).

Routine and ambiance

Routine in a couple can lead to a man noticing the lack of reaction of his partner of life, which will eventually lead to erectile dysfunction. Why? Eroticism and emotion are being replaced with programmed sexual contacts which will no longer be sufficiently arousing for any of you. Discontent will lead to a decrease in the frequency of sexual acts and that will generate a loss of confidence and, therefore, ED.

Inability to communicate, extreme jealousy or even small conflicts are factors with can cause ED. Even if it sounds out of place, any kind of decrease in the sexual appetite (libido) will affect both the relationship and the quality of your sex life. When romance or attraction is disturbed or absent, sexual intercourse cannot be achieved in good conditions anymore. Also, the way your significant other reacts towards you regarding this issue can have a negative or positive impact on the situation. A man can be heavily affected by any accusation considering ED. A systematic critical attitude or a lack of participation in erotic relationships can cause temporary erectile dysfunction.