People with mobility impairments are often forced to live a sedentary life that deprives them of exercising, which can cause further health problems. Most people with mobility challenges use a mobility scooter in order to travel from place to place because walking would cause them pain and discomfort. Although the mobility scooter is a life-saving aid for disabled people, physical activity has its benefits and should be performed regularly, as long as it doesn’t worsen their health condition. Here are some mild exercising ideas that can help people with mobility challenges stay active and healthy.


Golf is one sport that can be performed by people who suffer from disabilities because it’s one of the few sports that require little physical effort. The advantage of golf to disabled people is that they can play it while riding their mobility scooter or wheelchair, as the golf course allows them to use various mobility aids. With the latest technologies and the help of the useful rangefinder, the distances on the golf course no longer have to be measured by foot, as this gadget will provide players with the exact distances. This way, even those who are completely unable to walk can enjoy a golf game.

The treadmill

Walking is a great way to exercise and it doesn’t require too much physical strength, but some people can’t even enjoy a walk in the park due to their physical condition. In this case, the best thing they can do is get a treadmill at home and use it to regain their mobility and flexibility. The advantage of using the treadmill is that the speed can be adjusted according to every person’s needs, they can always sit down when they get tired and they can workout even if it’s cold outside or are unable to leave their house.


Everyone enjoys some dancing and its benefits on the body, and even people with mobility challenges can dance from time to time. Music is a real therapy for both the body and the mind, so a short dancing session will help them exercise while improving their mood and helping them get past their condition. Although it may sound weird, even people in wheelchairs can dance while listening to music and using their hands to move the wheelchair according to the music. There are even classes where people with disabilities who use wheelchairs can dance in order to strengthen their bodies and find a way to cope with their disabilities.