There are many women who claim that they feel embarrassed when they think about Labiaplasty. In fact, this embarrassment comes from the lack of information. The majority of women feel somehow confused when it comes to this important aspect which can definitely improve their life. Thus, here is a small guide with some useful information which can prove very useful for a large category of people.

Things to know about Labiaplasty

Believe it or not, there are many women who search for London Labiaplasty on the Internet, in order to find more about this subject which seems quite confusing. But, things are not as complicated as they seem. Labiaplasty is medical intervention or surgery which is performed by specialists on women who feel that their labia minora are too large or uneven.


When it comes to causes, experts say that giving birth to a child or hormonal changes are the two main causes for this medical problem. On the other hand, women should know that there are even some misconceptions about labiaplasty surgery. There are women who think that a surgery means completely removing their enlarged labia, but this is not the specialists’ purpose. They are interested in reducing the labia size, with as little cutting as possible. What is more, the procedure is not painful, but plastic surgeons claim that in some cases, complications may appear. For example, bleeding or changes in pigmentation are just some of these effects of the surgery, but you do not have to worry.

When should think about Labiaplasty?

  • When it comes to this important aspect, the most important part is related to discomfort. You cannot enjoy your personal comfort, if you have to conform with enlarged labia minora, for example. And the consequences are even more. This medical condition makes you unable to perform certain activities, such as riding the bike or wearing some types of clothes. Some good examples in this case are the tight ones. Thus, if you do not take immediate actions, you can forget about your favourite sport leggings because they will be too tight for you to wear them. Thus, do not wait anymore and search for the best centre for surgery in London.
  • When you feel like it is affecting your sexual life. Even if you do not want to tell your partner about this medical condition, he will definitely notice that you cannot completely relax during your sexual contact. It is completely normal to feel that way because you have something on your mind that does not give you peace.
  • When you are about to give birth for the second time. As mentioned before, the enlarged labia minora can be caused by giving birth. Thus, before going through this situation once again, you have to solve your medical condition.
  • When you are not pleased with your own body. In case you see this problem every time you take a look in the mirror, it is highly important to get rid of this struggle. Call the experts immediately and ask for help.