Nowadays, people spend more time indoors than outdoors, and so do the children. Specialists say that indoor air contains more contaminants than outdoor air. When you have children, the problem becomes even more serious because a child can easily fall ill. You should ask yourself if your child breathes fresh air inside the home, or not. Here is what you should do, in order to improve the air quality in your house.

The first step

The air needs to circulate, otherwise, the air becomes stale and it starts developing contaminants. First of all, you should start by opening all the windows in your house, in order to get some fresh air. Of course, this won’t help you very much, but it’s a good first step.

The second step

It has been demonstrated that dust collects pesticide residues. In order to avoid that, you should dust your house as many times as it’s necessary. A good idea would be to use an anti-static spray. Hoovering is also very important, because of all the dust that goes into the carpets. When hovering, remember to clean the narrow corners and spaces behind the bed, sofas, and furniture. These are the places where most of the dust is deposited. Moping the floor regularly is another important thing to do. From time to time, it is recommended to use a carpet cleaner as well.

The third step

The third step in order to purify the air inside your home is to keep all the shoes clean all the time. If you go inside with your shoes dirty, it is likely to bring contaminants with you as well. In order to avoid this, clean your shoes as often as possible.

The fourth step

It is a known fact that plants are beneficial in purifying the air. They also look very nice and fresh and they totally change the aspect of your house. You should Definitely place some beautiful plants in your home. Potting flowers is another great solution in order to help your child breathe fresh air inside the home.

The fifth step

This step is probably the most important one, in order to obtain a more precise air purification. Air purifiers eliminate in a large percentage the airborne particles like mold, pollen, and fungi from your house. Nowadays, you can easily find a good air purifier. Some of them are not only useful but chic as well. Nevertheless, you should read some reviews before buying an air purifier. For good reviews, visit the website. Keep in mind that there are different types of air purifying technologies on the market, and each one is designed with different types of contaminants in mind. If you are dealing with a certain type of air pollutant, look for an air purifier designed to eliminate that specific contaminant.