A dishwasher eases our lives. The advantage is that we don’t lose time anymore on washing dishes by hand and using a dishwasher, the dishes will come out really clean. On the other hand, a study has been made and shown that a dishwasher can increase your child’s risk of developing allergies. Let’s have a look at how can this happen.

Exposure to bacteria is beneficial

Nowadays, children grow up in a far too clean environment. Most of us probably know that specialists recommend us to expose our children to some bacteria and germs, in order to have a strong immune system. They say to leave them play and get dirty, without changing their clothes all the time. Washing their hands too often, is also a big mistake. However, the idea is that if they are too clean all the time, they are more likely to easily develop allergies, eczema or to easily catch any virus. It is the same with washing dishes. Because a dishwasher uses very hot water, it kills most of the germs. That means we and our children are not exposed to any bacteria whatsoever. Washing the dishes by hand might take a while, but it is better for our children. The dishes will still come out with their surfaces clean, but will keep a part of the germs and bacteria which is absolutely fine for our children’ s immune system development. Specialists say that it is better to eat our food from a plate that has been washed by hand, than from one that has been extremely cleaned by the dishwasher.

Our children need some of the bacteria and germs in their bodies, in order to become immune to them. Our immune system is already developed, but what about our children? Having a dishwasher will definitely increase your child’s risk of developing allergies and even asthma. Keeping everything too clean around them, the clothes, the dishes and the house, will not help them to fortify their immune system. On the contrary, they will become more sensitive and will easily contact any virus or develop an allergy. It is important as well for children to be surrounded by animals. Studies have been made and shown that children that grew in a farm, surrounded by animals, didn’t develop any allergy and they are less likely to develop anything similar during their lives, compared with the children that grew in an overly clean environment. It is all about our children’ s immune system. It is extremely important that we understand how this works, in order to have healthy children that won’t catch the first virus that comes in their way.