Insomnia is a sleeping disorder that affects many people of various ages and genders from various causes that involve their health condition or their lifestyle. Regardless the causes, insomnia interferes with the proper working of the human body, it creates anxiety and impatience and keeps people from going on with their daily chores. In order to keep insomnia from affecting your well-being, you must find out what is keeping you from achieving a restful sleep and find the right solution for the problem.


  • Insomnia is mostly caused by stress felt at home, at work, in your personal relationship and in the interactions with other people. Some people know how to handle stress and keep it from ruining their mood, but others are more sensitive and allow pressure to affect their lives. The daily stress can reflect on how easily you fall asleep and how well you sleep throughout the night. If you are passing through a time with increased pressure, it’s likely that you will have troubles falling asleep or you will wake up several times during the night.
  • Insomnia can also be related to some medical problems that keep your mind from relaxing and falling asleep. Diseases that imply discomfort and pain are common causes of insomnia because you find it impossible to rest while feeling pain, having trouble breathing or feeling ill. Other severe health problems like heart conditions, kidney failure, reflux disease, thyroid or mental illnesses can also trigger insomnia.
  • What you eat and drink and when you eat and drink can also interfere with how well you manage to sleep at night and some foods and beverage are known for their sleep-inhibiting properties. Exciting ingredients like chocolate, caffeine, alcohol and heavy foods can keep you from sleeping if you consume them too late at night.


  • A change in your lifestyle can significantly improve your sleep and can help you get a better rest that will make you feel better. Avoid going to bed late, keep stress from affecting your sleep routine, arrange your schedule so that you can have all the rest you need, avoid alcohol and stimulating foods, and improve your mood with soothing activities that will induce sleep, like a hot bath or a massage.
  • If nothing else works, you can treat insomnia with Alteril, a natural sleep inducer that contains all-natural ingredients and plant extracts that help you fall asleep and sleep well throughout the night. You will see that it has been proven that Alteril doesn’t cause addiction and is completely safe in treating insomnia symptoms.