A refrigerator is definitely a must have appliance. When it comes to cleaning their fridges, people clean them very rare or only on the outside. In order to avoid developing bacteria in your fridge, you should clean your fridge once a week. On the other hand, it is also very important to know how to use a refrigerator in a safe and healthy way. Here is some advice about how you can store food properly in the refrigerator.

The ideal temperature

The temperature in your fridge is very important. It is not the same inside the whole fridge. On the bottom shelf, it is ideal to have around 2º Celsius, whereas, on the middle shelf, the optimum temperature is 5º Celsius. The top shelf and the shelves that are on the inside door of the refrigerator are the warmest places in your fridge, with a temperature of 8º Celsius. These temperatures are ideal in order to keep your food not warm but not very cold either.

How to store your food

Things are not so complicated as you might think when it comes to storing your food in the fridge. Unfortunately, people don’t know how to do that and they just put the food inside the fridge without organizing it. You should organize your fridge by putting all the vegetables in the drawers from the bottom shelf, where the lowest temperature is. This way they won’t lose their properties and they will last longer. You also need to put the fresh meat or fish on the bottom shelf. On the other hand, it is indicated to store your leftovers and dairy products on the middle shelf, where the temperature is around 5º Celsius. Leftovers should be stored in covered containers, in order to avoid the loss of flavor and the spreading of the flavor. The shelves that are on the inside of the refrigerator’s door should be used for storing products like mustard, drinks, or butter. Many people put on those shelves, eggs, which is a bad thing because that’s the point with the lowest temperature. Eggs should be placed on the bottom shelf, where there is the lowest temperature in your fridge. It is important that you don’t store too much food in your refrigerator. You need to have some space between the products, in order to let the air circulate. Otherwise, it will affect the distribution of the temperature and the fridge won’t function within the correct parameters anymore. You must check from time to time if there is any out of date food, and throw it away.

How to clean your fridge

It is extremely important that you keep the interior of the fridge really clean at all times, in order to avoid the development of bacteria and the bad odor. It is recommended to clean your fridge once a week, using special cleaning products, that clean and disinfect at the same time. By Doing so, and by storing the food properly, you will actually use your refrigerator in a safe and healthy way.