The sad truth is that an accident will most likely happen when you are in the commodity of your own house. About a third of all injuries occur at home and their most common victims are the children and the elderly. A statistic that was made estimates that every year around 11000 people die in their homes unintentionally because of fires, falls, poisonings or drownings. It’s a scary thought that you’re not safe in your own home. These accidents and injuries can be prevented if you make some changes around the house. Next, we will approach the most common types of accidents that occur in a home and talk about what you can do to prevent them from happening.


Falls are the leading cause of home injuries and deaths in America. The most vulnerable household members to these incidents are the small children and the elders. To make your home a safer place, install stair lifts for the elderly; this way they can’t slip and fall down the stairs. The stair lift is a necessity and helps them or any other household member that has pains and can’t be allowed to make too much effort to move around without being in danger as well. You can compare the best stair lifts on the website. Stair lifts can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

If you have a baby or a toddler, install safety gates at the top and bottom of the stairs so they can’t even try to go up and down them; they are small and curious and you can’t keep an eye on them constantly.


Many things you have in your home could lead to poisoning accidents and deaths; beauty products, plants, medicines, cleaning products or even vitamins. The best way to avoid poisoning is to store these products in places where they can’t fall in the hands of children, the small ones being in more danger than the other family members when it comes to these accidents. Also, take special care when a household member is taking treatments that they don’t take too much or they take expired medicine. It might sound ridiculous, but plants are harmful as well. Children might not only find them pretty looking, but they could even try to eat them; keep plants in places they can’t reach for their own safety.


Fires can occur easily if attention is not being paid to electric and gas appliances. Gas heaters are more dangerous than you might think and could start a fire if they are not carefully supervised; use an electric infrared heater instead of a gas heater for a better sleep at night. Gas using appliances like stoves, heaters or ovens are not only a danger because they can cause a fire, but they can have leaks and cause explosions when a match is being lit or even cause death by suffocation. It’s a good idea to keep furniture and clothes as far away as possible from any heating appliances or fire sources as well. To ensure that you are as well protected against fire hazards as you could be, install smoke detectors in all the rooms in your home.


If you live in a house and you have a pool outside, it’s most probably filled with water when the weather is nice. Any member of the household could drown if they don’t know how to swim and fall when no one is around to save them. To avoid this from happening construct a locked fence around the pool and empty the pool when the warm season is over and there is no use for it anymore. The bathtub is a danger zone for the children. Don’t let them take baths unsupervised because they might play around and accidentally , or they could even faint in the bathtub that is full of water from the steam. Be safe and until they reach an age of maturity in which they no longer need to be supervised every step they take, don’t leave the tiny ones alone in a bathtub full of water.