You may have heard about cryotherapy and the benefits it has on the human body, but there are specific effects it has when fighting aging. It became more and more popular during the last years as a method to beautify and maintain yourself healthy. It can also be used as a relaxation method when you feel your skin tired and you need a sort of revitalization. You can get rid of age spots with cryotherapy which is one of the most searched for intervention. This is extremely convenient given the fact that you may have spent a fortune on anti-aging products. Here are the main benefits of using cryotherapy:

How does it work?

The technology used for cryotherapy is simple to understand: cold is used in a controlled way in order to result in benefits for regenerating and healing the skin profoundly. Cryotherapy in the facial area is applied via cooled steam to stimulate cellular tissue which will eventually lead to elastin and collagen production in a much larger quantity. This will finally mean that pigmentation will be reduced, deep wrinkles will be diminished and fine wrinkles will be completely gone in just a few appointments. Facial cryo also helps with acne, red spots or cuperosis and rosacea issues. Pores will be diminished since the first procedure and atopic dermatitis can be treated with the help of it as well. Cryotherapy chills cool down the skin with 3 to 5 degrees for several seconds, making the epidermis to renew each and every cell, this resulting in a visible younger aspect. The biologic age of your skin will be dramatically changed.

What advantages it brings?

Cryotherapy is the best option for people who desire to look younger, more beautiful and obtain firm skin without using invasive procedures and without losing the natural expressivity of their face. Cryotherapy can also help treating laser stains, damaged wrinkles or a type of skin without any tonus. The treatment is fully non-invasive and it doesn’t contain any kind of foreign matter that can affect the body. It can be used in the eye area too, attenuating fine lines. Cryotherapy is often used for treating inflammation in the cheek area and to make pigmentation uniform both on the face and the neck. The skin will regain its tone and it will become firmer. The area around the chin will visibly become younger looking. The treatment can also be applied in order to diminish the effects of long term makeup. Its refreshing and lighting effect will definitely make a difference to your skin.

What’s not recommended?

If you suffer from one of the following affection is recommended to see your doctor before attempting cryotherapy:

  • Cold allergy
  • Severe functional circulatory disorders
  • Raynaud’s syndrome
  • Cryo-globulimy


All in all, if you think about trying cryotherapy you should start informing yourself about what it is involved, what areas can be treated and if your body allow it. You should do a medical check-up before making any decision.