Doctors are meant to heal us, not harm us. Above being doctors, they are humans, and humans make mistakes. This is not an excuse when their mistakes can cost lives, but it’s definitely a way of thinking. Here is a short list with the most horrifying cases of medical negligence that you need to know about.

Amputation of the wrong leg

You have probably heard about this case when a doctor actually amputated the wrong leg of an elder patient. When the doctor and his team realized that they have amputated the healthy leg of the patient instead of the bad one, it was too late for them to do anything because they nearly finished the operation. The patient sued them and received 1 million dollars in compensation and the doctor lost his license.

Removal of the healthy lung

A man went to his doctor for a lungs check and the doctor said that he had cancer and the best thing for him to do is to remove a lung. The man obviously trusted his doctor and he didn’t ask for a second opinion and he underwent the operation. After a while, he found out that he was perfectly healthy and he had no marks of cancer whatsoever. However, he realized that the doctor made a huge mistake and took the case to court.

A girl died because of the wrong blood type

A young teenager who used to suffer from a serious heart condition died after the surgeons that were supposed to operate her didn’t check the donor’s blood type with hers. After the doctors made her a blood transfusion with the wrong blood, they actually sent the girl into a coma. Two weeks later the girl died after lots of complications. The brain damage was the main problem. This is probably one of the most horrifying cases of medical negligence that you need to know about.

A man remained conscious during a surgery

This sounds like a script for a horror movie but, unfortunately is a true fact. An old man had an operation on his abdomen because of some pains he used to have. Nothing unusual so far. But the surgeon administrated him an anesthetic that was supposed to take effect after 15 minutes and the doctor forgot that, and he actually started to operate the man immediately. The man couldn’t move or speak, but he could feel everything. After two weeks from the operation, the man actually killed himself because of the traumatic experience.

Going to the hospital can be a terrifying experience, but it is even more terrifying to go there unprepared and unaware of the risks that you are facing. Believe it or not, there are ways in which you can prevent these errors, or at least diminish the risk of being the subject of medical negligence. For more information on this matter, visit the website. There, you will also find helpful advice for people who have suffered on account of medical malpractice and who don’t know how to deal with this situation.