Achieving a major body transformation is not as hard as it might seem, regardless how much extra weight you are dealing with. After all, there are numerous success stories out there when it comes to shedding excess weight and achieving perfection from an aesthetic point of view, and as long as you stick to well thought out lifestyle plan, you will join the “fat loss success story” club as well. However, the internet is filled with diet plans which promise to help you lose 20 pounds per month, diets that are not only unrealistic but actually present a threat to your metabolism, most likely causing you to bounce back to your previous weight as soon as you finish following them. To help you live healthily and look perfect, we will present to you in the following the common grounds of the most spectacular fat loss success stories, tips you have to follow if you want to be unrecognizable in a matter of months too.

Ditching obsessive scale use

For an overweight person who is making dietary and lifestyle changes, the scale can easily become the biggest enemy. The purpose of a scale could be harmoniously fulfilled, however, but this should imply restraint on your part. Compulsively using it could actually cause you to fall back on your poor lifestyle choices instead of continuing the good fight as you will lose hope and ambition. Instead of obsessing over it, climbing it every single day to see if any changes have been made to your weight, be a bit more realistic about the speed at which the weight loss process occurs and avoid abusing scale use.

Instead, use a body fat scale that provides you with an in-depth analysis of your body stats, displaying not only your weight, but your bone mass, water mass, body fat percentage, metabolic age, and so on. Of course, avoid stepping on it daily, but rather make this a once per week habit as results do tend to appear slow, especially after a few weeks since you started the lifestyle change.

Having a more positive mindset about exercising

Most people who have weight issues end up here as a result of a bad perspective on fitness. Regardless of how you ended up basically hating exercise, viewing it as a form of punishment rather than a way to unwind and have fun while working on your health and physique, you have to immediately change this toxic mindset and impose a more positive outlook on what exercising and working out implies.

It might be tough to get into exercising at first as you are accustomed to lying around, but you cannot expect to lose the weight Erica Lugo did – which is an amazing 157 pounds – without making some sacrifices. You will see that along the road it will get easier as you will get accustomed to doing the physical effort, and your body will even start releasing endorphins when you work out, making you feel better and happier about yourself and your new lifestyle.

Taking advantage of good weather and the outdoors

You should not limit yourself to exercising solely indoors or at the gym, but rather take advantage of the outdoor setting as well. When you exercise in nature by jogging in the park, for example, you are more likely to spend more time on the physical activity at hand, thus burning more calories in a single go. In addition, you get to breathe in fresh air, improving the health of your lungs and your overall immune system. Furthermore, it keeps depression at bay and seeing how a lot of overweight people end up here due to problems in their personal lives that they cannot fix or cope with, you will actually have more benefits to reap than you can ever suspect if you give outdoor exercising a chance.

Replacing quick snacks with actual food

Cat Elliot is one of the most famous names in the extreme fat loss domain as she successfully lost a staggering 113 pounds, all by making the right changes in her life. What helped her lose so much weight was the fact that she realized quick snacks when she was hungry were not the best help out there. Instead of eating in very small portions quick snacks across an entire day, she started actually eating healthy. Thus, when she got hungry, she ate healthy greens, light meat, salads, or fruits, replacing her old snacks with them to reach her goals. Hunger was a sensation she did not have to fight constantly anymore, and her health, as well as her figure, had a lot to benefit from the change.

Having color variety on the plate

One of the main indicators of a healthy meal is color variety on the plate. Asians have this mindset imprinted through their culture, their meals being the liveliest colored when compared to other populations on our planet. The result is obviously a great one as Asian people tend to live longer than their American and European counterparts, and they look better from a physical point of view as well, staying thin and looking young. Thus, if you want to be successful in your path to lose weight, make sure that your plate is colored and contains as many healthy veggies as possible.

Drinking water when a slight sense of hunger appears

What you have to remember is that you won’t reach your goals if you don’t make drinking water a habit. When you feel thirsty, don’t fall back on your same old mistakes and drink a soda, but rather have a full glass of water. It obviously hydrates you better, and it has 0 calories, so it won’t get you fat. Furthermore, it does not contain sugar, so your weight loss efforts won’t be diminished by it. Another trick you can turn to in order to avoid overeating is to drink a glass of water when you feel slightly hungry as you might actually not be hungry but just feel a bit dehydrated.

Substituting bad sweets with healthy treats

Sweets taste awesome, we cannot contradict you on that one, but they are bad for your health, your teeth, and your figure. You have gotten accustomed to taming your sweet tooth in an unhealthy way by eating chocolate by the dozen or digging into a can of ice cream like there is no tomorrow. To lose weight, you have to proceed like Sara Knowles Lugger, and replace those bad sweets with healthy treats like homemade ice cream which is made entirely of natural, healthy ingredients – bananas, cocoa powder, and peanut butter. Of course, if this healthy treat does not sound all that tempting to you, just hit the internet and look at other simple and quick online recipes.