A microwave is without any doubt, very useful. You can heat your meals when you are in a big rush, your drinks, and quickly defrost the meat. These are the advantages of having an appliance like that, because, on the other hand, there are specialists who say that the type of radiation that the microwaves use, is actually very dangerous for our health, because they actually increase the cancer risks.

How do the microwave ovens work

A microwave oven will use a high level of radiation, in order to heat your food. That RF radiation that is being used is not as dangerous as many people think. For example, mobile phones use the same type of radiation. In case you have a microwave oven that also cooks food, then you don’t have to worry that the molecular structure of the food will change, because it won’t. Microwave ovens should always be used according to the instructions. Unfortunately, many people don’t do that, and they use a microwave the way they want, and they complain after about their bad functionality.

What do the studies say

Some of the studies that have been made, say that there is no risk of cancer, when being exposed to the RF radiation. They say that this type of radiation is everywhere around us. The laptops we use and the mobile phones emit the same radiations as a microwave. On the other hand, other studies have shown that heating our food most of the time in a microwave, can increase the risk of developing cancer at some point in our lives. There have been made studies on animals, by exposing them to some chemical agents similar with the effect of the RF radiation, and found that the animals didn’t develop any tumor whatsoever. Specialists also say that exposure to a high level of RF radiation can raise the temperature of our body so much that it can even cause death. If one area of our body is exposed to a high level of RF radiation, then it can lead to burns. However, the RF radiation can be dangerous only if we are directly exposed to a high level. Unfortunately, nowadays, we can’t completely avoid being exposed to RF radiation, because of the modern environment. What we can do is to avoid using our mobile phones too often, or our computers, or trying to keep away as much as we can, all the appliances that use this type of radiation.