When it comes to lashes, women tend to choose all kind of treatments, in order to obtain longer and thicker eyelashes. What they probably do not know is that a treatment like that which is supposed to make you look better, can become a serious problem. Have a look at these dangerous side effects of lash enhancing serums.

The best eyelash growth serum products repair damaged eyelashes and enhance them. Using a serum like this, you will certainly make your lashes darker and healthier. Enhancing serums and lash growth serums are extremely popular nowadays. Lash enhancing serums contain an ingredient which is supposed to repair the damages in your eyelashes. This ingredient is called prostaglandin, and it also helps your lashes become thicker and healthier. Men and women can use this type of serum, in order to have stronger and healthier eyelashes.

First of all, it is extremely important that you don’t use any lash enhancing serums, if you have an extremely sensitive skin. Even the┬ábest eyelash growth serum products can cause harm to an extra sensitive skin. You must see a dermatologist, in order to be sure that it’s safe to use a serum like that. Even though lash enhancing serums contain natural ingredients, they can still cause health problems. It is likely to experience redness and eye discoloration or mild itching. If any of these occur to you, you must urgently go and see a doctor, and stop using any lash enhancing serum. Another side effect of lash enhancing serums would be the change of your eyes color, especially if you have light colored eyes. It is not a common side effect, but it can still happen to any of us who use a serum like that.

Another potential risk of using lash enhancing serums could be the developing of glaucoma, at some point, in case you use this type of serum for a long period of time. However, other studies made on these serums, have shown that this is not possible, and that they are perfectly safe. The opinions regarding dangerous side effects of lash enhancing serums are divided. Some say that it’s absolutely safe to use them, while others don’t agree with them. If you do some online research you will see that there is discussion regarding the loss of your eyelashes, in case you start using a lashes serum, which is undoubtedly false. What you certainly must do, before start using a lash enhancing serum, is to be well informed regarding the products that are on the market and choose one with natural ingredients, even if it is quite expensive. After all, your health is more important than money.