To make sure a mattress is not toxic and it does not pose a risk to your health, it must be made of natural and organic fibers and it must not be treated with chemical substances in order to make it more durable or fire resistant. If you wake up feeling dizzy, you experience headaches, you have breathing problems or you are disturbed by the strong and unpleasant smell of your mattress, chances are your mattress is toxic. To help you find out if you are sleeping on a toxic mattress, here are a few aspects regarding how a safe and quality mattress should look, smell and feel like.

Memory foam mattresses are dangerous

Memory foam mattresses are treated with plenty of chemicals and contain VOCs, which are extremely dangerous to your health, so if you own a memory foam mattress you may want to consider replacing it. There are some mattresses that claim to be VOC-free. For example, if you read the signature sleep 6-inch memory foam review, you will see that this particular mattress contains a special memory foam that will not release any toxic fumes as it has not been treated with flame retardants or other toxic chemicals. However, this is an isolated case, as most memory foam mattresses are toxic to a certain degree.

The memory foam models became very popular because they are cheaper than the rest and have been advertised as great mattresses that sustain the body throughout the night. However, nobody advertised the chemical treatments they are been exposed to and the fact that having a mattress that follows your body’s curves is not necessarily a good thing because this promotes an unhealthy body posture. The mattress you sleep on must be firm enough to support your body in a straight position.

The synthetic latex is treated with chemicals

Latex mattresses are very popular because they have affordable prices and they offer a good support during sleep. They are considered the best mattresses from 2017, yet few people know that there are two types of latex mattresses, namely natural and synthetic ones, and they differ by the manufacturing process and the materials used. Synthetic latex is a combination of various fabrics and some chemicals that have the purpose to make it durable and firm, while the natural latex is an extract from the rubber tree, which you why you should choose this type over the synthetic one although the price is higher. Usually, synthetic latex has a strong and unpleasant smell that is sometimes covered by a strong perfume, so if the mattress smells funny you should worry that it can be toxic.

If it’s not 100% natural, it is not 100% non-toxic

Organic mattresses are by far the best mattresses from 2015, but sometimes if the label says “organic”, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t contain any chemicals, as some fire-retardant solutions are legally required in order to make the mattresses fire-resistant. If you have a mattress with an organic cotton filling that is covered in a vinyl layer, it is not a completely safe mattress because of the vinyl that is most likely treated with fire-retardant chemicals. The organic mattress that is 100% safe and natural is only made by natural fibers like cotton or wool, without being treated with chemical substances.