To be a mother is a very exciting and joyful feeling for most of the women. But some of them have a completely different emotional experience after childbirth. Unfortunately, they take these wonderful feelings as full of fear and sadness.

Most of the moms face a serious illness called postpartum depression that can make them feel they are not able to connect with their child. The responsibility of being a mother and the problems of postpartum depression usually lead new mothers to the usage of drugs and alcohol. Luxury addiction healing centers can help you get rid of depression associated with addiction.

What is Postpartum Depression

It’s a type of depression that a mother can get after her childbirth. It can from any time during the first year of the baby birth, but is commonly start within 3 weeks after the baby was born. If you are dealing with it, you may feel guilty, sad and hopeless because you may not feel like you want to take care or make a bond with your baby.

Some of the signs of postpartum depression are as follows:

  • Feelings of sadness, hopelessness or joylessness
  • Altered appetite
  • Inability to sleep even when the baby is sleeping
  • Feelings of guilt or being ill-equipped to be a good mother
  • Feelings of anxiety about the safety of the baby or, conversely, feeling completely disconnected from the baby
  • Inability to enjoy fun activities or being with the baby
  • Low energy or ability to concentrate
  • Difficulty taking care of the baby, oneself or simple tasks around the house
  • Suicidal or morbid thoughts
  • Feeling nervous or unable to be alone with the baby


Does Depression lead to Addiction?

According to one major study led by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, approximately one-third of individuals with major depression also have an alcohol problem. Depression may be a particularly important prompt for alcohol use in women, who are more than twice as likely to start drinking severely if they have a history of depression. Women are more likely than men to self-medicate with alcohol. A number of studies have revealed that alcohol abuse increases the threat of depression. Select the best holistic rehabs in your area for the healing process if you face similar problems.

Postpartum Depression and Addiction

People having depression are mostly incapable of performing their daily life activities in a proper way due to mental illness. They often try multiple shortcuts or quick ways to get better sleep, find the courage or keep feelings on the right track.

In addition, postpartum depression makes much difficult for a mom to connect with her child or take care of her baby in a proper way. Along with these pressures and the guilt of not performing her responsibilities as a mother, often lead the women to the drug or alcohol addiction.

According to a study of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, approximately 25 percent of women that had postpartum depression were consuming alcohol within the year of giving birth. Also, roughly 7 percent of this group admitted to taking drugs along with alcohol.

Hence, it is preferred to take medical help or some counseling to overcome postpartum depression instead of using any drugs or alcohol. Recovery and happiness are possible, so choose the better way to get rid of it.