Dry herbs are good for cooking, but fresh herbs are the best. They certainly add a special flavour to your food. The best thing is that you can actually grow herbs at home. It is not difficult and anyone can do it. Here is a short list with 5 healthy herbs that you should grow at home.


It has been demonstrated that this beautiful and aromatic herb contains carnosic acid that can fight the cancer cells. The smell of rosemary improves the memory. In case you decide to grow rosemary indoors, you will need to place it in a room with lots of natural light, and you will also need to water it frequently.


It is a known fact that lavender’s scent helps you fall asleep. Its fragrance is absolutely incredible. Lavender definitely grows best outdoors, but if you decide to grow it indoors, then you need to ensure that the pots you are using have holes in the bottom. This way, your lavender will have an adequate drainage and it won’t dry.


Basil is a herb that has many health benefits. It is an important source of fiber, and it can easily detoxify your liver. If you decide to grow basil indoors, this is actually a very good choice because it doesn’t need too much care, and you will only need to water it once every two days. Your dishes will definitely taste better using fresh basil all the time.


This herb is an incredible complex of nutrients, including lots of antioxidants and vitamins. It has a great power for curing hiccups. When it is planted indoors, dill needs a bit of attention. You will need to water it twice a day and you will also need to plant it in a big pot. In case you don’t have too much light in your house, you can grow your herbs using a led grow light, which is an electric light that stimulates the herbs growth.


Parsley is the most common herb used in cooking. It is full of vitamin A, C and K, magnesium, potassium, zinc, folic acid and fiber. It has a delicious taste, and its scent is absolutely vibrant. It is very easy to grow parsley indoors, because it doesn’t need too much sunlight or watering. It is true that it grows slower than other herbs, but it will certainly worth the wait.