If you are looking over a senior, you certainly want to find ways to keep them safe and to turn their home into a comfortable and secure place. Stair-lifts are devices that can safely transport seniors with motion problems up and down the stairs. This type of device consists of a chair or a platform that can hold people either standing on sitting in mobility aids, so anybody can benefit from using this helpful machine. Besides the obvious advantages of reducing pain and offering comfort, the stair lift can also protect the health of the seniors who are using it and here are 3 ways in which a stair lift can do so.

It keeps them safe from falling

Most accidents involving seniors happen because they tend to lose their balance and their ability to stand and walk on their own. Seniors who live in homes with multiple floors are more prone to getting hurt while they climb the stairs because they might lose balance, trip over a step, or feel dizzy. Falling down the stairs is more dangerous than falling on even ground because the impact is stringer and the trauma is bigger, so using a stair lift can decrease the chances of seniors falling down the stairs and hurting themselves. Stair-lifts come with safety belts that secure seniors into place during the journey along the staircase and most of them have swivel chairs for safely getting on and off the lift.

It protects their joints and bones

Every step taken on the stairs puts a pressure on a senior’s legs, on their bones and their joints, as they have to sustain their own weight every time them make a step. The impact with the stairs can weaken the joints and bones of seniors, who already struggle with poor joints and bones that cause them pain and discomfort. Instead of avoiding using the stairs, seniors should install a stair lift that will transport them up and down the stairs without putting pressure on their fragile legs.

It prevents heart damage from exertion

Any physical effort is dangerous for the heart of seniors, especially if they suffer from heart diseases, as the heart can’t handle exertion. Climbing the stairs is the equivalent of jogging or walking on a treadmill for seniors with a poor physical condition and a weakened heart and they can suffer cardiac arrest and infarction if they overburden their hearts. With the help of a stair lift, seniors can protect their heart by limiting the amount of physical effort